The Lottery Games and Systems division has a reserve of rich and attractive lottery content designed to fulfill the demands of the market and players.Two co-developed virtual sports betting games have been approved by the Ministry of Finance of China, and which were launched in Hunan province in 2011 for themed in the car racing, and in Jiangsu province in 2013 for themed in the football games. These are provided along with AGT, the exclusive virtual sports betting lottery platform in sports lottery market of China.
Product profile:
< Lucky Racing > is a high-frequency betting lottery game in the prototype of Formula One racing, with its racing process designed vivid and realistic. It is the first lottery game developed with the adoption of the 3D game engine. The game is designed with multiple features of entertaining, delights, immediacy and motility.
< e-Ball Lottery > is the betting-typed lottery game that simulates the real football game. A live telecast similar to the real football game is adopted to broadcast the process of the game, virtualized by the computer. It offers the players with the advanced entertaining and exciting experiences.