AGTech has always been committed to promoting responsible lottery. Based on the legal compliance operation and the fulfillment of the public welfare fund raising mission, the responsible lottery is to take tasks and obligations in economic, legal, environmental, charitable and ethical aspects, with the participants in the lottery sales process, as well as the country, the society, the lottery industry and related industries.

As the leading provider of integrated lottery solutions in China, the Group continues to leverage its deep experience in lottery in order to assist lottery authorities in areas of lottery product and business innovation, physical channel expansion, smart lottery hardware, technology and data service, marketing and promotions and more, helping to broaden the reach of lottery products in China and advance the industry as whole.

We are willing to cooperate with the lottery management agencies to implement responsible lottery measures, adhering to the mission to make it easy to do charity everywhere, and let the “healthy and happy” lottery industry image to penetrate into the ordinary people’s mind, and therefore make sustainable development for the industry.